A year on from completing 30 days of fasting non-Muslim Lewis Todd is hoping to repeat the feat this Ramadan.

Speaking to Asian Image on the first day of fasting (Saturday May 27) he said it was not easy getting back into the stride, “It's difficult today with how hot it is, I've gone for a drive out to try and keep myself busy.

“I know I've done it last year so I know I can do it again.”

Lewis Todd, aged 19 who works at Bootstrap Enterprises in Blackburn decided to fast during Ramadan just to experience what fellow workers and friends at his office were going through.

In 2016 he told us he was meant to fast for just one or two days. Then he decided to extend that to a week - in the end he fasted for the whole month.

“I decided to fast again because of the same reasons like last year, out of respect for my friends, colleagues and clients, and to appreciate food and drink.”

He told us last year he would eat primarily at Maghrib time but was keen to repeat the diet he consumed last Ramadan. “I'm going to stick to the same food as last year, but rather than eat only when the fast breaks, I'll try and wake myself up to have another meal early in the morning.

“For some reason today I'm craving a lot of Indian food - especially the starters! My mum has gone out to get me some samosas and dips.”

His work colleagues have been supporting Lewis along the way.

Lewis said, “I just want to thank everyone that supported me, Ismail for inviting me to celebrate Eid with him and his family and all the lovely messages I received after Ramadan last year.”