Blackburn Central High school hosted a Google Expeditions day with students taking part in a virtual reality field trip.

Google Expeditions is a new app developed by Google which aims 'to open up the classroom for an immersive learning experience'.

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Using a tablet students were led on a virtual reality field trip.

Each teacher also learnt how to use the kit in a training session with Google before school started.

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Ayesha of year 7 said,  "I really like the experience because you can see all the different places and it as though you are really there. It was also good because you can see things they you might not always be able to see."

Saira said, "I liked the experience because I saw lots of new animals that I learned about. It also felt as if you was actually there."

Humairaa said,"Wow, this is amazing, so real and much better than reading books."