Whether you enjoyed the show or found it a pungent stereotype, you can't deny some great moments in Muslims Like Us.

Comedian Nabil's one-liners had to be played again and again- "If in doubt, don't be a dick."

And his infectious laughter- he literally rofl'd- when Abdul Haq thought that gay housemate Ferhan was looking for a wife.

Another engaging angle was the apparent blossoming desire (still within halal realms of course) between Mehreen (like a submarine) and Abdul Haq.

The coy looks, the stolen glances, and the all too prevalent question- is Abdul Haq married?

Mehreen may well be the makeup loving fashionista in the house, but her values are solid.

When speaking to homeless people who articulated rather unsubstantiated racist views, the teacher said, “Well, I’m the daughter of immigrants, and if my parents hadn’t have come to this country, you wouldn’t have got lunch today.”

The voice of reason in the house is the sage Saba. Plus she scolded Abdul Haq for not washing up. Good woman.

"The danger of scholarship is it gives you illusion of knowledge. The great quality of Islam should be humility

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And although Saba's reprimanding didn't quite get Abdul Haq in the kitchen, a visit from a gay couple to the house got the repulsed Abdul Haq behind that sink in no time.

Segregation from women, and apparently from the gay man. Wonder if that evidence was in one of his leaflets?

And let's not be too harsh with Bara. So he hugged a member of the EDL. Come on, that is dawa in its true essence.

Don't judge one man by the actions of his group- er, isn't that what Muslims preach vociferously? Shisha smoking Bara is simply trying to build bridges.

And as for the magnanimous Humaira-she says music is haram, but still went to karaoke with the gang. Who says we don't integrate, eh?

There's no doubt, Muslim's Like Us was addictive viewing.

Hopefully part 2 will be just as spicy and the romantic plot may just deepen between Mehreen and Abdul Haq.

Watch on BBC 2 at 9pm.