Ten British Muslims with contrasting world views move into a house together.

Their passionate debates, honest disagreements, humour and insights reveal what is like to be a British Muslim today.
Put ten British Muslims with contrasting world views in a house together and press ‘record.’ What emerges is a passionate debate, honest disagreements, humour and moments of insight that reveal what is like to be a Muslim in Britain today.

On the surface, Britain’s 2.7 million Muslims are united in faith. But behind closed doors, in Muslim homes across the country, there is ongoing discussion about what and who best represents Islam.

Labels like 'Sunni', 'Shi'a', 'liberal', 'conservative' and 'moderate' do not do it justice. Will the real British Muslim please stand up?

She or he is faced with competing and contradictory voices. Some suggest an orthodox version of the faith is entirely at home in Britain. 

Others demand compromises to be made by Muslims in order to integrate. In this unique and bold social experiment, a two-part BBC Two series, Muslims Like Us, witnesses these dilemmas played out for real.

In episode one, the ten British Muslims who represent the diversity of their faith move into their new home. As each meets and settles in, they begin to explore how their faith impacts their lives, from sleeping arrangements, cooking, and prayer, to dress and culture. Topical, important and, at times, charged exchanges shine a light on what it means to be a Muslim in modern Britain.

In the second episode of Muslims Like Us, ten Muslims who have volunteered to live together are presented with the results of a survey exploring British opinion about the Muslim community. 

They are joined by four non-Muslim Brits to explore British values. We see the dilemmas presented by race, faith and British history played out for real.

Episode 1 airs on BBC Two today at 9pm