A luxury events and gourmet food business will be featuring on ITV1 tonight.

MD Raj Somaiya joins I’m a Celebrity contestant Lady Colin Campbell, otherwise known as Lady C, in her Castle to help design and refurbish what seems to resemble a jungle inside.

Lady C bought Castle Goring for £700,000 but it was desperately in need of £2million worth of repairs.

Raj said,“Lady C is an incredible lady and such a character and I very much enjoyed working with her on what will be a great venue.”

'Lady C and The Castle' is on ITV1 tonight at 9pm.

The series follows the socialite, as she moves into Castle Goring with her two sons, Misha and Dima. The castle has over six bedrooms, a few reception rooms, a card room and only one bathroom. The show follows the nightmare and joy of Lady C’s renovation, culminating with a castle-warming ball as a finale where Lady C invites all her former camp mates – you can catch all the action on ITV tonight.