A burkini from M&S, halal chicken in restaurants, Ramadan aisles in supermarkets - high street brands are increasingly targeting Britain’s Muslim shoppers.

Muslim consumers in the UK spend an estimated £20.5 billion a year. But until recently finding halal or ‘permitted’ products – goods that comply with Islamic law - could be a struggle. 

In The Muslim Pound journalist Myriam Francois finds out why and how the High Street is starting to recognize Muslim consumers in their marketing campaigns. 

There’s Mariah Idrissi  - the first Muslim woman in a hijab to be used in a campaign by fashion store H&M. 

Entrepreneur Shazia Saleem was fed up of being unable to eat British staples like shepherd’s pie and sausage rolls, so she started her own business making halal versions of these favourites.

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nd Rose Brown – daughter of UB40 drummer James Brown - became the UK’s youngest franchiser after including halal certification on her range of vegan creams and cosmetics.

But choosing to enter this market is not without risk as M&S discovered when it decided to sell a swimsuit in the UK which covered the head, arms and legs, known as the burkini. National headlines followed, as well as criticism from within the Muslim community.  

From food to fashion, Myriam Francois discovers what difference Muslim-friendly brands are making and what it all means for Muslim and non-Muslim consumers alike.

The Muslim Pound – BBC One – Sunday 3 July 1.15pm