A debate about celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammed has reached new heights or lows depending upon how you see it.

A heated debate between Imran ibn Mansur also known as Dawah Man and Imam Muhammed Asim Hussain has been ongoing for the last week, manifested in video updates and status updates shared on Facebook and Instagram.

The exchange of words has descended further when Dawah Man took to Instagram to share a cartoon depicting Imam Hussain. 

Imam Hussain responded on Facebook, “It’s sad to see that brother Imran has resorted to depicting me in this cartoon. I must say the turban is on point and I look whiter than usual. Very sad to see him depicting the Na’l Mubarak (Prophet saw Blessed Sandal.)

“It all started from a simple invite to see you in person. I hope you get back to me as soon as.”

Dawah Man further responded, “The Mawlid Imam has himself been a means of disproving the permissibility of celebrating the Mawlid…I will end this debate once and for all!!! From his own speech, from his OWN words, you will see that Mawlid is a biddd’ah that is a misguidance and you are not allowed to celebrate it.”

Whilst the videos and opinions have continued so have comments from members of the public.

Here are some of those listed:

Misba Yaqoob "For gods sake this is what u call brotherhood in Islam you and the others involved should be ashamed, your intentions a definitely to mock him otherwise you wouldn't say such a stupid comment on Facebook to show the world, grow up u say u follow the sunnah of the prophet yet u are mocking your brothers, I don't see that written in any hadiths just sort your own head out before insulting others.

Zay Naz "If you truly love Prophet Muhammad saws, give up this 'debate' and turn your attention to a district in Syria. A place where His saws Ummah is being brought to its knees through starvation! We remember, we cry over the years of hardship encountered by our beloved saws! Today it's happening to his ummah! Let's use our love and zeal for Rasool saws to help break the siege of Madaya!

Thesuccessor: “Dawahman, just keep spreading the truth. Stay strong.”
Beyboh: Just wow seriously ain’t you acting a bit childish? Try respecting individuals.”

Marhaba.12: “Isn’t drawing pictures a bidaa???? Dawahman possesses the same qualities of the cartoon makers of Denmark”

Imran Ali "I think its all getting a bit too much now, Imam saab you should end it all on Thursday and leave it at that.  Right now thousands of Muslims are being killed and yet we cant get over these minor issues. At this time we need to unite as a Ummah and try to help our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. The kuffars must be laughing at us.

Xxsam7862xx: “Imm asim zindabaad.”

Ablo Escobar: “Carry on exposing him Imran ur doing a excellent job.”

Tyra Latif "Dawah man" wants to reach the masses through social media but the loser blocks anyone who doesn't agree with him".

Yusuf Abk Bahdela “Akhis Prophet Muhammed has never celebrated his birthday, nor is the birth date correct. Which makes maulid bid'ah.”

Rossseeexox: “Dawah man AKA Fitna Man!!!”

Lutherk3:”ignore these people, they don’t want to accept mawlid is bidah because they’re having too much fun.”

Truthspitter12345: “You wobblers are experts at twisting people’s words.”

Dilshadjismail: “Shame on you..making cartoon picture!!

Huny_s: “Even after a clearcut evidence ppl are willing to protect a bidah!”

Akhi Abdullah: "Sydul Brother imran let's be careful about these things brother asim is my brother in Islam so are you, even though I dont celebrate mawlid let's leave Allah to do the judging and respect each other and opinions

Idris 'Eddie' Ali:  “When this time of the year comes you see so much passion from different people on whether to celebrate the mawlid or not, only if this passion was used in our everyday lives to perfect out character, to pray our 5 times salaah to be good to others, to respect our parents and spouses, to look after our kids!

Noshin Khan:  “This issue is causing a divide in the Ummah, can we not leave the people who do chose celebrate instead of proving each other wrong. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf has more knowledge then all of us put together pls take a moment to watch the clip.
May Allah guide us all....

And finally, a comment by Fiza Khan, “Stop responding Stop making videos Stop trying to prove ur right. Let people make up their own mind. Y are u so hellbent on proving urself right? You're not sent to earth to guide people in the way ur doing. Before you jump to conclusions I don't celebrate the Milad. I'm sick and tired of seeing "watch out for my video tonight" you've caused so much hatred amongst everyone on both sides.”

But now it seems the debate has reached a conclusion of sorts, Dawah man posted, “Ok so this debate has gone on for a while now, but hopefully this will end this week inshaa'Allah.”

Maybe we spoke too soon though as the ending will be, yes you guessed it with another video!
“I plan to just respond to the 2 and a half our lecture then leave it inshaa'Allah so that the people can be left upon clarity

“I respectfully urge you all to take the time out to hear me out.”

Meanwhile Imam Asim Hussain was preparing for a speech in Birmingham on the topic on Thursday where he again invited Dawah Man.

We aren’t sure this is finished just yet?