What began as an online post on the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday has now escalated with two religious commentators presenting their arguments to thousands of social media followers.

Imran ibn Mansur also known as ‘Dawah Man’ set out his arguments concerning issues relating to evidence in the Quran and Hadith celebrating the Prophet’s birthday.

The annual celebrations take place across the world with events, decorations and processions. 

Not all Muslims celebrate the birthday in this way but with more and UK Muslims now partaking in Milaad events and putting up decorations, differences in opinion have been posted online on a range of religious forums.

These particular points have looked to argue on the religious evidence with regards to the Mawlid.

Dawah Man posted a video (below) and said on Facebook, “Mawlid supporters kept telling us to watch this video as it would apparently bring evidences for the mawlid celebration... Same Old stuff.. And nothing that I haven't addressed in my mawlid video already but there is something shocking that is in this video that I want to bring to your attention.”

Bradford based Imam Mohammed Asim Hussain responded to the statements by Dawah Man and asked him to visit the city where he was keen to explain the evidence personally.

He said on Facebook, “It has been brought to my attention that 'dawah man' has uploaded a clip of Pir Saqib Shami sahib. He has attempted to refute him on a Mawlid point. I will be uploading my refutation on his understanding shortly.”

He then posted a detailed response to Dawah Man stating, Here is Imam Asim's refutation and explanation regarding 'Dawah Man's' most recent Instagram post relating to Pir Saqib Shami Sahib Spee”

At one point stating ‘You decided to double check…but I decided to triple check’. A point that was picked-up by many social media users. His video posthas already garnered over 500 comments.

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The videos can be viewed on the Imam’s Facebook page here.


Dawah Man responded again stating on Facebook “You all saw the response that the Mawlid Imam uploaded against our proofs yesterday, now I really pray and hope that Allah SWT allows the matter to become clear after you watch this video of me further CLARIFYING our position and defending our arguments from yesterday!

“I want you all to take this video and SEND IT TO HIM, make sure those on his wall and twitter and everything get it inshaa'Allah... you will be very surprised to see, that the haqq prevails once against alhamdulillah.”

This video entitled ‘Check Your Mawlid Evidences AGAIN #QuadrupleChecked’ can be viewed here:


Imam Asim Hussain also invited Dawah Man to Bradford to an event he was hosting. Dawah Man was not present.

Speaking on Sunday he said, "In tomorrow's talk I will be responding to his 1 hr 30 mins talk with our (Ahlul Sunnah wal Jama'at) proofs and evidences on matters such as Mawlid, bid'ah and its understanding along with many other points raised in his speech.

"He is still invited to attend the lecture, he will be given VIP treatment and again his safety is guaranteed.

"A polite reminder again to all please maintain good etiquettes when addressing others and discussing these matters."

And today he posted, "Yesterday we reached 1 million people purely for the sake of the Prophet ﷺ and his blessed Mawlid.

"You can stop us celebrating all you like but the Mawlid celebrations must go on. It is necessary on every believer to be happy at the birth of the Prophet ﷺ. Be happy and rejoice!"

Meanwhile Dawah Man released another video this time entitled "You Are Either A Liar Or You Are Ignorant! #MawlidDebate."



In it he says he has an intention to meet the Imam but wanted to focus on the debate at hand.

The title of the video though was criticised by some commentators as it belittled the argument and showed a level of disrespect to the imam.

Both individuals initially responded respectfully to the other’s arguments but some social media users have not been so kind in their respective views.

Imam Asim Hussain posted this speech challenging the comments made by Dawah man. This is part one of the speech here.

In he he apologises for losing his voice.

And the debate continued but Dawah Man was keen to 'entice' further arguments with this post earlier today:

"From his OWN speech ... You are going to be shocked ... From his own speech on Monday i will show you how he disproves the celebration of the Mawlid!!!! It will show you how deceptive or ignorant he is

"Watch tomorrow inshaa'Allah!!!! Then after that I will release a POINT BY POINT refutation of Alllll the contentions and points he raised!!!"