Within the Muslim community the criticism we constantly receive in the wider media is expected.

A spike in such has been noted recently in light of current events, relating to the terrorist organisation ISIS and their possible new recruits.

Take the ‘Daily Mail’ for example, a commentary article produced by the non-entity Manzoor Moghal states that Muslims are to blame for the way the ‘young people are radicalised’. The regular commentator in the newspaper stated that Muslims are, “inclined to play the victim” with regards to extremism and groups such as ISIS. This was picked-up by other news organisations.

Despite the fact that Muslims are the main demographic killed as a result of ISIS’s war crimes in Iraq it seems they must apologise unconditionally according to the delusional Chairman.

He added that, Muslims have “chosen to cut themselves off deliberately for fear of contamination of their faith by the unbelievers” under the assumption that other religions can be caught like a common cold. As a result, Manzoor feels that Muslims exacerbate the situation for themselves... purposely. The logic of which is severely flawed.

Moghal, a chairman of the obscure ‘Muslim Forum’ proves to be elusive. His opinion only reflects his own views as he seemingly panders to the individualistic perspective of British Society.

Unless I am mistaken there is little trace of his ‘Forum’ on the internet.

Manzoor’s statements also could seem grossly sexist to some with claims such as, “Some young British Muslim women see the ISIS fighters as glamorous heroes, whose ruthlessness only enhances their attractiveness.” I guess Zayn Malik just isn’t enough for some people now eh?

“The Daily Express” decided to take a different approach and expressed the anti-Muslim sentiment closer to home.

It chooses to report on the ‘WaterWorld’ water park and its decision to hold a sisters-only event in Stoke-On-Trent.

Despite ‘WaterWorld’ stating “not specific to any ethnic or religious group”, the ‘Daily Express’ insisted on claiming the attire needed would have to be “islamically appropriate”.

It even went as far as to say that the clothing would be limited to “full length jogging bottoms and a dark coloured tee-shirt” resembling an off-duty ninja on the way back from the gym.

They further continued stating that female lifeguards would “patrol” the water park for any male.

This exaggeration of incidents regarding Muslims makes for a society where genuine issues are disregarded and trivialised. It must be said, with media organisations like these, who needs enemies?

The comments only elaborated the ignorance. A user wailed, “Farewell Britain, Welcome Britainstan” likening a single sex pool party to a country in the Middle East... must have stayed up all night to come up with that one.

The Guardian however did provide some relief to this barrage of abuse when it came to their commentary article.

Reza Aslan and Chris Stedman joined forces to say “It’s time to stop shouting and time to start talking” in relation to the way Muslims and Atheists are presented in the media.

It offers insightful statistics such as the fact that 46% of Americans feel Islam is the most violent of all religions despite the fact that 37% of all respondents asked actually had ever met one.

Atheists were also considered the most ‘amoral’. The two commentators felt, “discussion would be beneficial to both parties.”

The two further continued providing possible reasons for the divide between Muslims and Atheists “The divide has to do in part with our natural inclination to retreat into our own communities or get defensive when confronted with difference” which is the much more sophisticated and logical version of what Moghal attempted to say.

The article encourages tolerance and brings up an interesting point.

It states that ‘absolute harmony’ doesn’t mean the ‘erasure of differences, or even its embrace’ rather it is the ‘recognition that differences exist’ and that the ‘resolve to engage them is a good thing, a necessary thing.’... a breath of fresh air after calls to kick Muslims out the country, although it’s more likely the two will simply remain shouting at each other on TV.