A new video for Mirza MC had to be stopped after the singer fell into the lake.

The singer was on location for his new video ‘Reggae Police featuring Ras Sherby’ for his forthcoming album ‘Trik n Tastic’ when he slipped into Lake Windermere.

“Luckily I know how to swim, otherwise I was in real trouble”, said Mirza.

“I got a bit too close to the edge and over I went. I guess you can see the funny side now but it wasn’t so when it happened.

“All I can remember is it being very cold!

“I managed to swim to the edge and the crew pulled me out.”

Mirza had recently been to Malaga to film his next video ‘Glassy’ with Taz from Steronation.

“It was brilliant filming alongside Taz. He was amazing.”

Mirza has collaborated with a whole host of international artists such as reggae legend General Levy as well as Ras Sherby from Jamaica and Dr Ring Ding from Germany.

On his latest album he has got together with singer Akram Rahi.