British comedian and actor Sanjeev Bhaskar is to star in a new Wildseed Studios animated pilot show Rajesh Finesse.

Written and animated by The Spin Kicks Bros, Rajesh Finesse explores the misadventures of its eponymous Anglo-Indian aristo cad, voiced by Bhaskar, and his easily corrupted English manservant.

A quintessentially British story told through the eyes of its very anarchic and unconventional lead character, Rajesh Finesse is both traditional and totally subversive. Expect to see the world of the Raj as you have never seen it before, having its deceptions and vanities shred to pieces by its protagonist.


Asian Image:

Martin Woolley, Tom Gran, Sanjeev Bhaskar

Rajesh Finesse is currently an animatic pilot, and is one of three animations by The Spin Kick Bros chosen by Wildseed Studios, who couldn’t resist its utterly modern and irreverent attitude. 

The Spin Kick Bros are Tom Gran and Martin Woolley, who describe their work as “an outlet for our many projects, ideas and tall tales that would otherwise be left upon old hard drives and festering scraps of paper. We love coming up with exciting characters, engaging stories and richly developed worlds.”

Last year they received funding to make ‘Writers’ Block’, a short film about a prison for bad writers, and more recently they wrote and directed ‘Ace Discovery’, an adult comedy sci-fi pilot for Frederator Studios’ Cartoon Hangover.

Created in the tradition of Flashman and Baron Munchhausen, Rajesh Finesse is another example of Wildseed Studios’ mission to become the ‘home of UK animation for grown-ups’. 

The next-generation content and talent incubator, co-founded by Miles Bullough, former Head of Broadcast at Aardman Animations and former BBC creative executive Jesse Cleverly, promises a constant flow of new content on their YouTube channel with new episodes released every week and a new project every month.

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