Those who miss Xzibit’s West Coast customization exploits in the form of Pimp My Ride need look no further: A new car customisation show is cruising to British TV screens.

Series one of Kustomize Kingz is now airing on BritAsiaTV, with a uniquely northern twist.


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Nav and Shizzo

The show focuses on Enkhanz work, a Bradford based company which specialises in car customisation and vehicle repairs.

Presented by recording artist Shizoo, the series will showcase the processes of matte wrapping a BMW 6 Series Coupe, crystal studding a Ferrari 360 and much more.


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Filming on set

While Pimp My Ride would find a tired, usually unroadworthy car, Kustomize Kingz start with a premium car that Amir Khan would be proud to park on his driveway.


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In fact, the two time boxing champion’s Range Rovers feature in the series, along with Imran Khan and various other celebrity clientele.

Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverly opted for a Barugzai styling pack, 22 inch wheels and carbon fibre side blades. "I love my cars, I’ve got a Porsche Cayenne, Range rover and now my Audi R8. I like my cars to be different, so I asked Naveed to work his magic,” he told the Manchester Evening News.


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The team make a plan

Naveed Khan, CEO of Enkahz and Kustomization Kingz promise to bring a clean line-up of EnKahnz exclusive car designs, attractive concepts and distinct customizing bringing individuality to every car.

“We have evolved the car show concept for a new generation,” says the show’s director Oz Dion. “The show aims to inspire young and older people to illustrate that there is something special about the correlation between success and hardwork.”

Series two is already in the works, and will bring even more customisation, luxury and lustworthy motors.

Kustomize Kingz is aired on Saturday evenings at 9pm on BritAsia TV, Sky channel 833. You can find them on twitter as @kustomizekingz.