The winners of the second annual British Muslim Awards presented by Islamic Bank of Britain have been announced.
The evening held at the Salford City Stadium was one of celebration, recognising a wide range of achievements which cover various aspects of society including business, charity, sport, arts and culture and much more.
Sultan Choudhury, managing director, IBB said, “IBB is honoured to present the British Muslim Awards again this year, as it begins celebrations for its own 10 year anniversary.  
"The Awards celebrate the success of high calibre individuals, community groups and flourishing businesses, highlighting their incredible achievements. By showcasing such a range of achievements, tonight’s event serves to remind us that the Muslim community makes a commendable contribution to British life and has a lot to be proud of".
The Awards were presented by Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh OBE of Hamilton Burns WS and welcomed over 400 attendees.
Yasmin Mahmood, Operations Director for the event organisers, Oceanic Consulting, said “There are some truly inspirational individuals, businesses and organisations in all of the categories, and we would like to congratulate all of the finalists and winners who continuously thrive to excel, making worthy contenders".
As well as recognising the achievements of British Muslims at the forefront of their industries the event will be raising money for The Well Foundation. Set up in 2008, The Well Foundation aims to raise money to build wells, install hand pumps and establish health and sanitation programs to provide accessible clean water to the stricken regions of the world.

Muslim in the Community presented by Shazana Raja, Marketing Director at AsiansUK
Winner: Colours of Islam

Colours of Islam (Scotland) // Bradford Muslim Womens Council (Bradford) // Zeeshan Rehman Foundation (Bradford) // Halal Food Festival (London) // Al Isharah (London).

Arts and Culture Awareness sponsored by The British Indian Awards presented by Amit Arora, Business Development Director
Winner: Abdullah Quilliam Society

Abdullah Quilliam Society (Liverpool) // British Muslim Heritage Centre (Manchester)// Arab British Centre (London) // Exhibition Islam (London) // Aerosol Arabic (Birmingham).

Young Achiever of the Year presented by Asian Image
Winner: Rabia Bhatti

Kasim Jameel (Worcester) // Saira Hussain (Hussain Design, Burnley)// Adil Rashid (Adil Rashid Cricket Academy, Bradford)// Rabia Bhatti (Chesham) // Islam Feruz (London).

Charity of the Year presented by Rizvan Khalid of Euro Quality Lambs
Winner: Muslim Hands

Islamic Relief (London)// Penny Appeal (Wakefield) // The Lady Fatemah Charitable Trust (Buckinghamshire)// Muslim Hands (Nottingham) // Muslim Aid (London).

Responsible Media of the Year sponsored by Oceanic Media Consulting presented by Colin Grant, Director
Winner: Islam Channel

Islam Channel (London) // Al Jazeera (London)// Emel Magazine (London) // Invitation Magazine (London)// Peace TV (London).

Religious Advocate of the Year sponsored by National Zakat Foundation presented by Iqbal Nasim, National Manager
Winner: Amar Jamil/Rizwan Mohammed

Tarik Ramadan (Oxford) // Bilal Khan (Link Laters LLP and Dome Advisory, London)// Ajmal Masroor (London)// Amar Jamil/Rizwan Mohammed (iSyllabus, Glasgow)// Abu Eesa Niamatullah (Al Maghrib Institute, Manchester).

Noor Inayat Khan Memorial Award for Muslim Woman of the Year presented by Sophina Ahmed-Daud of The British Muslim Awards
Winner:  Sughra Ahmed

Sughra Ahmed (Islamic Society of Britain, London) // Salma Yaqoob (Yara Consulting, Scotland)// Yvonne Ridley (London)// Faeeza Vaid (Muslim Women’s Network UK, Birmingham) // Rabiha Hannan (New Horizons, London).

Best at Sport presented by Hassan Anwar, Director at Saffron Events UK
Winner: Haroon Khan

Tahmina Begum (London)// Salma Bi (Birmingham)// Nathan Ellington (Southport) // Saira Tabasum (Bradford)// Haroon Khan (Bolton.


Dr. Abbas Khan Memorial Award for Services of Medicine presented by Sara Khan (Sister of Dr. Abbas Khan)
Winner: Seher Ahmad

Seher Ahmad (Manchester) // Mohammed Javad (London) // Aziz Sheikh (Scotland) // Sheraz Daya (London)// Nadia Khalid (London).

Services to Media presented by Host Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh OBE
Winner: Mehdi Hassan

Tasnim Nazeer (Scotland)//  Mehdi Hassan (London)// Rageh Omaar (London) // Mishal Hussain (London)// Shelina Zahra Janmohamed (London).

Services to Education presented by Sobya Sattar of The Well Foundation
Winner: Nadira Mirza

Tauheedul Islamic Girls School (Blackburn) // Yusuf Seedat  (Islamiyah Girls High School, Blackburn)// Nadira Mirza (Bradford)// Sara Silvestri (London)// Sadek Hamid (Liverpool).

Services to Science & Engineering presented by Host Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh OBE
Winner: Nessar Ahmed

Salim T S Al- Hassani (Manchester)// Haroon Ahmed (Cambridge) // Azra Meadows (Scotland)
Javaid Siddique (Manchester)// Nessar Ahmed (Manchester).

Services to Law presented by Adeel Asghar of AiA Marketing
Winner: Ifath Nawaz 

Forz Khan (Chambers of Khan, London) // Aina Khan (Duncan Lewis Solicitors, London) // Nauman Javid (Farani Javid Taylor, London) // Ifath Nawaz  (Chiltern District Council, Chiltern) // Tahir Khan (Taunton).

Services to Creativity & Technology presented by Host Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh OBE
Winner: Faizah Maryam Mustafa

Moneeb Awan (Manchester) // Faizah Maryam Mustafa (Macmillan, London) // SUNDE Technologies (Manchester) // Nazish Aslam (For Where I Am, Edinburgh) // Amaan Ahmed (Rormix, Manchester).

Civil Servant of the Year presented by Lieutenant Colonel Rosie Stone of The British Army
Winner: Asif Sadiq

Asif Sadiq (City of London Police, London)// Emran Mian (Social Market Foundation, London) // Judge Khurshid Drabu (Ministry of Justice, London)// Asif Anwar Ahmad (Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London)// Suniya Qureshi (DWP, London).

Services to Finance & Accounts presented by Mohammed Ahmed and Afruj Choudhury of The Spice City Journal
Winner: Siddiq Musa

Ali Akbar Mohammed (Ansar, Manchester) // Farmida Bi (Norton Rose Ful Bright, London) // Tarek el Diwany (1st ethical, London) // Asim Siddiqui (Gatehouse Bank, London) // Siddiq Musa (KPMG, Manchester).

Politician of the Year sponsored by Oceanic Group presented by Irfan Younis
Winner: Yasmin Qureshi MP

Sadiq Khan (Tooting) // Sajid Javed (Bromsgrove) // Mohammed Asghar (Wales) // Yasmin Qureshi (Bolton) // Shabana Mahmood (Birmingham).

Businesswoman of the Year sponsored by Yasmin Mahmood, Operations Director of Oceanic Consulting
Winner: Salma Chaudry

Uzma Yakoob (Sculpt Beauty, London) // Razwana Bashir ( // Salma Chaudry (The Halal Cosmetics Company, Blackburn) // Tab Ahmed (Employ-ability, London) // Imtaz Khaliq (Bespoke Design and Couture Tailoring, London).

Businessman of the Year sponsored by Islamic Bank of Britain presented by Maisam Fazal, head of Commercial Sales
Winner: Sutterwala  Brothers 

Mohammed Bin Issa Al Jaber (MBI International, London) // Touker Suleyman (Hawes and Curtis, London) // Afzal and Akmal Khushi (Trespass, Glasgow) // Mohammed Khalid (Chicken Cottage, Croydon) // Sutterwala  Brothers  (TRS, London).

Entrepreneur of the Year sponsored by Islamic Bank of Britain presented by Zegum Hussain, Senior Branch Manager
Winner: Taz and Umer Sheikh

Taz and Umer Sheikh (Gamucci, London) // Faraz Khan (SEED Ventures, London) // Ghias El Yafi (Tahira, London) // Taher and Zuber Mohsan (Supanet, Burnley) // James Caan  (London).

Business of the Year sponsored by Islamic Bank of Britain presented by Imran Pasha, Head of Sales
Winner: Asons Solicitors

Quiz (Glasgow) // Euro Garages (Blackburn) // Asons Solicitors (Bolton) // Accrol (Blackburn) // Chunky Chicken (Manchester).

Spirit of Britain presented by Faiza Baqir of The Well Foundation
Winner: Muslim Jewish Forum