Asons solicitors have announced plans to develop a brand new £7million building in Bolton’s town centre.

Clarence Street being the chosen site was also the first home of the Akram family in 1972. Two of the five brothers Imran and Kamran were also born on the site. This wasn’t a conscious decision but just a quirk of fate.

According to plans drawn up by local architects Bradshaw Gass and Hope; the building will accommodate 479 employees, creating 300 jobs when the building is finished.

The development comes complete with surface car parking, an executive networking hall, a gourmet restaurant for business clients as well as glass projection technology that will transform one of the glass walls into an animated masterpiece.

There are also plans for the interior which feature a yellow brick road theme for breakout area’s and fixed stalls, so local businesses can showcase their wares to employees, alongside a panoramic top-floor board room overlooking the town. As Asons intends to expand its Graduate and Apprenticeship schemes, they have also planned to include state of the art training facilities with conferencing features as well as robotic telepresence machines.

CEO Imran Akram said, “I’ve been to London, New York and Dubai; and Bolton really lacks that big commercial feel, the lights, the modern design, the fancy glass walls – I wanted to bring a bit of that to Bolton, hoping that other businesses with big ideas will follow suit. I think it’ll brighten up the town centre nicely”

Upon completion, the building will also serve as the hub of operations for Asons, where satellite offices will then be developed in Singapore, London, Dubai, New York and Pakistan.

“This is going to be a gateway building, so we wanted to build something that really stood out, something memorable. I think we’ve achieved that; the designs are modern, simple and striking – We’ve always said ‘we’re not your traditional law firm’ and these designs have really brought that ethos to life."

After recent law reforms, those law firms that have survived will need to diversify in order to keep growing.

“As part of our plans for continued growth, we intend to develop our Industrial Disease and Clinical Negligence teams to be amongst the largest in the country; and we’re looking to introduce corporate services in a new, niche way, to accommodate a changing world – we envisage this department to be 100 employees strong.

"As part of this growth we hope to have the building completed by 2015 and talks are already in place for phase two of our expansion plans of building a 2nd tower on the site.

"Many organisations move to Manchester and the surrounding areas to get the space and infrastructure they need to facilitate growth.

"We’re quite attached to Bolton however, so we thought it fitting to build our headquarters here – showing the business community that commercial investment in Bolton is worthwhile, it only takes one person to take the first step for everyone else to follow – so we hope our building will lead the way for other businesses to settle here.”

As a Bolton born and bred firm, Asons Solicitors has gone to great lengths to be a part of the Bolton family; they have developed strong links with Bolton college and Bolton university, they sponsor Bolton Wanderers and they also do a lot of charity work, including fundraising for Bolton Hospice and the Bolton Lads & Girls Club.

“Whilst a lot of good news comes from Asons, it’s all very well saying ‘look at what we’re doing’ – but it’s nice to be able to talk to people about what we’re doing, for other people.

When the new building is opened in 2015, they hope to invite local charities to use their facilities and networking hall for fundraising and events purposes.

Founded just 4 years ago, Asons Solicitors has grown from a 3 man outfit based in a converted terrace on Chorley New Road, to a burgeoning law firm of over 270, currently based at 120 Bark Street over 3 floors.