To celebrate World Hijab Day comedienne- Fatiha El-Ghorri, will be hosting ‘Halal Speed Dating’ events.

The events will take place in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds and are supported by

World Hijab Day takes place on February 1.

Fatiha said: “I’m over the moon that asked me to host their series of events – it shows you that as Hijabi women, we are empowered and have a voice in who we choose as a partner for marriage, as many who don’t understand the wearing of the hijab, think we are oppressed…which is very untrue!

"The reason World Hijab Day has been created, is to celebrate the wearing of the Hijab and also inviting non-hijabi / non Muslims to experience the hijab for one day”. The first event will be in London on the weekend just before Valentines Day.

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