Daisy Ridley has said she will not return to Star Wars after upcoming film The Rise Of Skywalker.

The actress, 27, was cast as Rey in the latest trilogy of films in 2015, with the final instalment due out this month.

She told Radio Times magazine that although she is “very sad” to be wrapping up her adventures as the feisty character, she would not reprise the role.

She said: “I don’t think anyone could give me a story that’s better than this one.

“Obviously, the character’s amazing and I’m sure it would be a great adventure.

“And I miss getting to the set and going, ‘Hey, hey, hey!’ to people I know – it’s unusual for everybody to get on so well. I loved the people I was working with.

“But having had this experience, I just don’t think I could top it and I wouldn’t want to try.”

Ridley – who has been open about finding her rapid rise to fame difficult – also told how she and her friends invented “Paranoid Linda”, a name they use as a safe word.

She said: “Linda has really lasted and is useful because if there’s ever any sort of issue, I just say, ‘Linda!’ and we skedaddle in the other direction.” 

The full interview is in the Radio Times.