Three of biggest names in the Asian music industry have joined forces!

'TAB' brings together Taz, the man behind Stereo Nation, the reggae vibes of raggamuffin king Apache Indian and master-mixer Bally Sagoo.

'Pretty Baby', the first track to be released by the music icons under their new identity, is a Punjabi dancehall anthem that showcases the talents of the three musical maestros.

Talking about the collaboration, Apache Indian said, “This has been an amazing and truly exciting new path for all of us. The three of us grew up in parallel in the industry, and amazingly never had the opportunity to work together. But the truth is the time and the mojo has to be right – and I think that this is the time for TAB – we’ve taken all of our experiences and put them into a great creative pot to create this fantastic new sound that is fresh, dynamic and well worth the wait!”

Taz added: "I had thought about doing something like this some time ago but getting the 3 of us together in one place has been really difficult as we are always in different parts of the world.

"I finally managed it and we just jammed in a studio together and we knew the vibe was right and the rest is history!"

Bally said, "The funny was that a lot of people thought Apache and I were enemies and that we hated each other or something! That's so far from the truth. The reality is that we actually never even met till we got into the studio to record as TAB! So this new collaboration will come as a shock to many people."

The track is supported by a video, shot in their home town of Birmingham and directed by former actor turned director Ameet Chana (Eastenders, Bend It Like Beckham).

Shoot locations included thenew restaurant and lounge Arabian Nights in Bissell Street, Birmingham.

Pretty Baby releases on 30 April on the Virtual Recordz label and simultaneously in India on the Duck U Records label.

It will be available for pre-order from iTunes from the 23 April.