Belinda Carlisle is to drive an auto rickshaw across north India to raise funds for the Animal People Alliance (APA).

The organisation has been working to improve the lives of slavery survivors through economic empowerment and education since 2005.

Beginning on 1 March in Chandigarh, the five-day trip will see the singer drive the three wheeler a distance of 950 km to Udaipur.

Belinda aims to raise $25,000 for the Animal People Alliance (APA), whose objectives are to train and employ vulnerable youth and women as veterinary technicians.

Belinda said: “I love extreme travel and thought it was a great idea to bring attention to the project. We will also get to see India off the beaten path.

“I have never been to Chandigarh but I heard it’s beautiful. I love the part of India around Ajmer and Jaipur, coming down through Rajasthan. I love adventure and I’m going to be seeing things that I’m sure will blow my mind, so this is going to be something very special.”

A successful solo artist as well as the lead vocalist of all-female band the Go-Go’s, Belinda’s passion for India extends to yoga and Hindi cinema. She recently studied a Kundalini yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, and says that she would like to shoot a Bollywood movie with Salman Khan.

Belinda added,’You know something, I love Bollywood. I don’t watch much American film at all, so it’s the only thing I really watch apart from some French and Italian cinema.

“I love Salman Khan. I love him and I like his bad boy attitude. He’s a bit over-gymmed but I think he has beautiful classical Indian features. He’s great. He has a fan in me.”

Anyone who makes a donation to the Crowd Rise campaign have the opportunity to receive an autographed studio album box set.