2.0 has surpassed a record Rs 500 crore (USD $70,487,045) worldwide in its first week alone. 

Directed by Shankar it sees Rajinikanth return in the leading role of Chitti, and he is joined by Akshay Kumar and British actress Amy Jackson.

2.0 has also become Rajinikanth’s most successful Hindi film and is set to become Akshay Kumar’s highest earner.

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The film has been heralded as the new standard for India’s blockbusters with impressive effects, a captivating narrative and dynamic action sequences. T

The film is set to break further records as the widest 3D release for a foreign film in history as it heads to 52,000 screens in China with 40,000 screens in 3D.

 The film combines action packed set pieces to rival Hollywood blockbusters with a thought-provoking environmental message. Shot entirely in 3D, 2.0 promises to grab audiences and bring them into the world of Chitti.

The film follows Professor Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) years after the deactivation of Chitti (Rajinikanth) and his new humanoid robot Nila (Jackson) as they uncover a mysterious new element wreaks havoc across the city known as the fifth force. But when a connection arises between the fifth force and the sinister Professor Rajan (Kumar), Vaseegaran decides it is time to resurrect and upgrade Chitti to face the new threat.