As the country celebrates the Centenary of the end of conflict of World War I, a new film honours the involvement of Sikh soldiers in the British Army.

Sajjan Singh Rangroot is based on the true story of the Lahore Regiment of the British Indian Army. 

It follows the regiment and the challenges faced through the eyes of soldier Sajjan Singh Rangroot.


The Punjabi movie, starring Diljit Dosanjh in the lead role, traces the arduous journey of the Indian British Army’s Lahore Regiment as it takes on German forces during the war. 

The film highlights themes of alienation, discrimination and loss whilst also celebrating the bravery of Indian soldiers who put their lives on the line for their colonisers. 

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The period drama, directed by leading Punjabi film director, Pankaj Batra, is based on the experiences of Sikh regiments on the front lines of the war.

Over one million Indian troops served overseas, of whom 62,000 died and another 67,000 were wounded. In total at least 74,187 Indian soldiers died during the war. 

In World War I the Indian Army fought against the German Empire in German East Africa and on the Western Front.

The first trailer of the film showcases the  stunning cinematography by Vineet Malhotra.

Sajjan Singh Rangroot also stars newcomer Sunanda Sharma alongside Yograj Singh, Jagjeet Sandhu, Dheeraj Kumar and Jarnail Singh in key roles.

Sajjan Singh Rangroot is produced by Jay Sahani and Bobby Bajaj of Vivid Art House and with music by Jatinder Shah. 

The film releases nationwide on March 23 2018.