A new Muslim comedy film, American Sharia could not have been released at a better time. But it wasn’t planned to be as filmmaker and star Omar Regan told us.

The film will only be shown in a special 22-city UK tour and won’t be available to view anywhere else, including cinema or online.

The movie tells the story of a Muslim detective who has his own prejudices against Islam, following constant exposure to Islamophobia.

We follow him on his journey, which results in ending rising Islamophobic tensions between the police and the community he serves.

The tour takes in Leeds (February 18), Bradford (February 20) Liverpool (February 27), Manchester (February 28) and Bolton (March 1).

It stars Omar Regan and among others Eric Roberts, Baba Ali and Joshua Salam.

Speaking to Asian Image from Los Angeles he said, “We certainly didn’t plan it that that way.

“It will lighten the tone and make people a little more calmer and seeing something they haven’t seen before.

“I think that’s what makes this film. It is not a tit for ‘tat for tat’ view. It is a Muslim telling the story for a change from a Muslim point of view.”

He added, “American Sharia is a Hollywood motion picture that sets out to use comedy to reverse the prejudices held against Islam and help promote the religion in a more positive way.

“It’s an alternative form of entertainment, during a time where we are surrounded and exposited to increasing negativity and profanity.”

Omar said in many respects Hollywood continued to portray the archetypal bad guys, “They found a bad guy and that it kind of works. And Hollywood pretty much sides with the media on this.

“It is really sad but it does need to change.”

The film may well inspire future film makers to think outside the box when it comes to telling particular stories.

“I really hope it does. We need more unity among humans and respect.

“My motive for this film, is to bring everyone with me and introduce them to the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world that no one seems to know exist, but are always seen in malls, parks, workplaces and are even your neighbours.

“There was a lot of hard and tenacity and I had to believe in it. My motivation was to change how Muslims and family and my children and how we are viewed. “ “Our aim is not to make everyone Muslim but to help people to take a look at the story of real Muslims.

The tour is an exclusive part of Penny Appeal’s charity extravaganza month, Smile Relief, which aims to raise money for orphans around the world.

Penny Appeal CEO, Aamer Naeem, adds: “Smile Relief is a special month where we’ll be encouraging people to download our fundraising pack and raise money for orphans. We’ll also be broadcasting a special telethon live on British Muslim TV during February.

“It’s certainly going to be a month filled with smile and fundraising, and the film tour will be a great addition. The tour starts with a special launch on Wednesday 11th February in London, and our specially chosen theatre style settings will give audiences an enjoyable and full cinematic experience.”

Tickets for the movie are limited and are available to buy from pennyappeal.org or by calling 03000 11 11 11.