Bruce Springsteen hit the red carpet at the US premiere of Blinded By The Light which was held in his hometown of Asbury Park, New Jersey. 

He attended with his wife, Patti Scialfa, alongside director, Gurinder Chadha, Sarfraz Manzoor, Viveik Kalra, Aaron Phagura and British Asian actress, Jameela Jalil. 

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Aaron Phagura, Sarfraz Manzoor, Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen, Gurinder Chadha, Viveik Kalra

The premiere was held at the Paramount Theatre on the city’s boardwalk.

Set to the music of Bruce Springsteen ‘ Blinded by the Light’ follows Javed a 16-year-old British Pakistani boy growing up in Luton.

It is 1987 Unemployment and the National Front are on the rise and Javed feels trapped, all he dreams of is escaping. On his first day at his new school, Javed runs into a boy in the hall and a cassette tape falls out of the boy’s Walkman - Bruce Springsteen. 

Javed knows nothing about him but when he first hears Bruce’s music - everything in his life changes.

The story developed from Gurinder Chadha and British Journalist Sarfraz Manzoor’s shared passion for Bruce Springsteen. It is based on Manzoor’s celebrated rite of passage memoir Greetings from Bury Park.

Blinded By The Light opens nationwide on August 9