Naomi Scott speaks to Nasima Ahmed about playing Princess Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin.

Naomi will star opposite Mena Massoud and Will Smith in the live action re-make of the popular Persian adventure.

For the first time a big budget Hollywood movie aims to celebrate the diversity of the Middle East and the greater region by having the lead rolse played from those of a minority background.

Naomi who grew up in London said she always related to Jasmine and was thrilled to have the chance to bring the princess to life on screen. She said, "It was common for arranged marriages to take place between countries as a way of forming alliances, and in the film, Jasmine’s deceased mother comes from the South Asian kingdom of Shehrabad so Jasmine is half South Asian and half Arab (and her mother’s influence is visible in her clothing, which is inspired by South Asian design)."

Naomi added, “I see Jasmine as resilient and independent. She’s a leader who wants to feel connected to the people of her kingdom and do right by them.

“She’s not just fighting for her own choices, she’s fighting for the choices of others and she’s fighting to make other peoples’ lives better. She’s more ambitious and is looking out for the kingdom as a whole and for everyone’s well-being.”

“Naomi is perfect as a more contemporary princess,” said producer Dan Lin. “She’s a very modern thinker who has strong opinions about some things but manages to balance that with a natural, warm demeanor and great sense of humor.”