My Asian Family – The Musical tells the epic story of one Asian family, the Thakrars, across three generations. 

Just 12 of them came to Britain in 1972 with nothing, fleeing for their lives from Idi Amin’s Uganda. Since then they’ve not just made Britain their home, they’ve prospered – finding jobs, love and new lives. Now they number ninety members across three generations.

Their story is followed from the beginning of their new lives as immigrants in the seventies through song and dance, in a gloriously choreographed, visual feast of movement and colour. The unique songs bring each family member’s story to life. 

The Thakrars have maintained their Hindu religion and preserved cultural traditions at the same time as adapting to British ways.

Jyoti, the youngest daughter of 10 siblings who originally came from Uganda, narrates their story wondering whether it was the birth of her great niece Rianna in 2002, that tipped the balance and made Leicester the first majority Asian city in Europe.

My Asian Family – The Musical is part of the BBC’s Big British Asian Summer season and set to air on the 19th August on BBC Four