There is WhatsApp and then there is ‘Asian WhatsApp’.

The latter has got mostly to do with posting absolutely everything for the sake of posting it. And like most things Asian it can make a or break a human being.

Give technology to a brother and he will use it to the extreme.

The ‘Asian WhatsApp’ geezer is a law unto himself. He will post and forward pointless texts in the hope someone out there will find it funny.

Asian WhatsApp comes into his own during religious holidays and when some international crisis occurs. All of a sudden this fellow makes the rest of us feel guilty as he drives around in his semi-expensive car and goes home to his bling furniture.

He makes up stories as he goes along all in the hope of being seen as some sort of moral authority on everything that happens. Deep down we want to tell him where to go but we can’t as we don’t want Asian WhatsApp to turn on us.

Asian WhatsApp man is all about guilt really. He wants you to feel guilty for not doing enough whilst he himself can live a life of riley.

Ask him what he is doing and he gets angry for even suggesting he isn’t doing anything.

He wants you to behave yourself whilst he himself can go on the secret benders behind your back. The sheer hypocrisy is what makes Asian WhatsApp man who he is.

The best part of Asian WhatsApp woman is how she makes out she ‘oh so sincere and innocent’ whilst she is surrounded by a bunch of slags.

If she isn't sharing the s*** on WhatApp she's putting pictures of herself on Instagram. All the time proclaiming she 'ain't like other girls'.

Other times she will post rumours about things and then pretend ‘It wasn’t me because I would never do that to anyone.’ Of course you wouldn’t, that is what makes you who you are.

If you ever find yourself in a group, you will be faced by the text maniacs who want to tell the world how important they are by sending updates on news that you already know.

They forward videos and plagiarised quotes over and over again. And then when you block yourself from one group they bang you in another.

The worse group to be part of is the charity group where the tight fisted admin just asks for money in the name of god and the rest of us pretend we didn’t read the text.

Which we can’t anymore because WhatsApp introduced the blue ticks to ensure the sender knows when you read his pointless request.