There are certain sentences that should never ever have been uttered by a human being. But somehow they are.

The above sentence was first said by Kala (black) Musa in 1978. He saw a dog and told the rest of us that there was indeed a dog there.

Okay, we are more racist than the racist peoples by our use of the terms ‘kala’ and ‘gora’…but that’s a whole new Last Bit.

By using the term ‘he be’s there’ he was able to describe the situation well.

He ‘be’s there’ has become a real firm favourite of mine and surprisingly it is used by people born and brought up here.

‘So, who be’s there?’, ‘He always be’s walking’ and ‘There be’s no money in this damn safe you stupid fool’ has been used many a time by various respected individuals.

One of the best ways to find out if a brother is a real down to earth brother and not one of those pretend brothers is to utter the words ‘Who be’s there?’ in the middle of a conversation.

If he ignores you then you are can safely say this brother is a true brother. If he makes an issue out of it then you have problems. Should we be’s criticising him? I think not. Let him be’s is what I say.

If he, or for a matter of fact ‘she,’ wants to say ‘There be’s nobody in the club’ then they should be permitted to without the likes of you or me making a huge deal out of it.

A proper mind-**** is when you meet the middle-aged 'wannabe middle-class Asians'. You know the type. They don't have penny in the bank but pretend they are loaded.

A certain giveaway is when they point out that something be's somewhere.

A real issue these days is when you end-up between two people who like to use the term too often and in almost every conversation.

Normally, they are husband and wife and you can find yourself in the middle of a ‘be’s’ war.

‘Who be’s there?’.

‘I told you he be’s there!’.

‘I know that but what be’s the time when he be’s there?’.

‘Why are you asking me be’s there?’.

‘I never be’s there!’ .

‘You liar I saw you..he be’s there with you!’.

‘If I be’s there where be’s you?’.

‘I be’s there with you.’ ‘Why you always be’s making my life hell!’.

S*** ain’t funny after several ‘be’s’.