I have recently been doing so much at once, with the opening of our new salon. I feel I haven’t given any time to myself.

Juggling home and work life has taken its toll and I am ready to treat myself to a pamper night.

I love these nights because it’s a rare moment.

So I have a nice long soak with candles, smellies, a face mask and a lot of peace and quiet. This beats going in and out shower any day. I mustn’t let myself go... Its just not me.

What I love the most is a good exfoliation, it makes me feel so clean and refreshed. Although I love pamper nights at home I still love going to the spa and treating myself to massages and facials. These as well as a good make-up selection are the things that stop me looking tired or run down at my busiest times.

They make me feel at my best and I shine with confidence, there’s no better feeling. I often keep myself on top of all salon treatments by pre booking appointments. This keeps me on top form.

I usually go every four to six weeks. I wish it could be more often but my busy lifestyle wont let me but its enough to keep me charged up. As well as all these treatments a good social life is good for you too.

Having commitments at home can make you feel like your repeating yourself.

From husband/children it can be a bit repetitive and sometimes its good to get away. Your not neglecting anybody just giving them a chance to miss you. Have a well-balanced life and you feel at the top of your game. So give yourself sometime to recharge and catch up. There is nothing more beautiful than a true smile.

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