Dear Massi, I have an ongoing problem. My husband is quite a bit older than me. 

People keep mistaking him to be my dad.

People say things like 'Mashallah your daughter looks just like you.' Or 'Mashallah, it's nice you're having lunch with your dad.' It's really embarrassing.

We even have a daughter who is 3, and when my husband collected her from creche, the staff thought he was the granddad.

I keep telling him to dye his hair and wear jeans instead of shalwar kameez, but he won't have any of it.

Massi Says: You were aware of your age gap between you and your husband when you married him.

It is unfair on your husband that this is now becoming an issue for you.

By highlighting other people's comments about your husband, you are potentially making him self-conscious and insecure.

How would you feel if your husband made demeaning comments to you in this way?

Why should your husband have to change his attire just to attempt to look younger if this is not something he wishes to do?

This fickle and superficial concern of yours is embarrassing you alone, and not your husband.

Rather than focusing your attention on other people's unwelcome comments, why not pay heed to the more important things like the positive attributes in your relationship.