Dear Massi, My wife's appetite is not normal. She eats more than me, and I'm 6 foot tall. She's only 5 foot, but she eats double what I do. 

I have sisters, and they never eat as much as my wife.

It's becoming embarrassing going to anyone's house for dinner as other guests make fun of her.

At one dinner party, she took out most of the botis from the salan in the dish. There must have been about 10 botis on her plate, and she sat there eating without thinking there wouldn't be enough for other guests.

When I take her out for dinner, she orders two main courses. It's really awkward for me.

She used to be so delicate, but her appetite has changed so much after she had our first baby.

I don't know how to manage this situation.

Massi says, Your wife's appetite really is her own business. Unless you are worried about her health, that would be a separate concern to raise.

You seem only to be concerned with other people's perceptions and how it reflects on you.

Looking after a young child requires energy. It would be better if you showed more support to your wife instead of criticising her for eating.