Dear Massi, Ever since my mum moved into our house, my wife has started hitting me in her sleep.

At first I thought she was pretending to be asleep and was hitting me out of frustration because she doesn’t get on with my mum. But this pattern is continuing and she doesn’t remember anything the next morning.

My wife says it’s no big deal, but I’m the one scared to sleep at night.

I told my mum, and she said I should make my wife sleep on the floor.

When I told my wife, she got so angry that she made me sleep on the floor.

Both women are making my life difficult.

Help me.

Massi says, You have hinted at there being underlying issues between your wife and your mother.

If your wife’s sleep is being disturbed in this way, it is indicative of unresolved matters that your wife is holding onto.

Talk to your wife and allow her to open up to you and share her thoughts with you so that she is not suppressing her feelings.

Furthermore, exercising some tact and diplomacy will go a long way in maintaining harmony. 

Do not share what your wife and mother discuss with you privately with the other party.

Understandably compromises need to be made when living together in this way, but a share of that also lies with you.