Dear Massi,  Please help me out. My marriage is turning into a joke. 

My wife is really high maintenance and quite frankly I can't afford all the stuff she needs.

When she's not redecorating she's buying new clothes and shoes that she doesn't need.

I've started saying no to her and I explained I don't have that kind of money.  So now she's only intimate with me when she wants something. 

She's totally using that as a weapon. What can I do? I also have needs. 

It's a vicious circle which I don't know how to break. Can you help?

Massi says,  You have been clear that your budget cannot facilitate your wife's spending. However, you seem to be unable to implement your own rules.

It is important to speak clearly to your wife about your finances, but also how you feel when your wife wants to be intimate. 

Without a clear and transparent conversation, this behaviour from you both will continue without a solution.