Dear Massi, My wife is pregnant and I should really be very happy.

But my wife keeps making nasty comments saying she hopes the baby doesn't look like me.

When she prays, she makes dua out loud that the baby doesn't get my nose, my teeth or my skin colour.

These things never bothered her before.

Now she is obsessed with having a baby that looks nothing like me.

She is making me feel so worthless.

I don't know what to do.

Massi says, It is important to tell your wife how her comments are making you feel.

Tell your wife that the most important thing to pray for is that your baby is healthy.

Explain that you do not wish your child to be brought into an environment where such overt emphasis is placed on physical appearances over health and well being.

This is an exciting journey you are both on as parents, and welcoming a baby into the world should be done so with unconditional love.