"She's wasting silly money on Eid clothes"

Dear Massi, I know things are tough for everyone these days, particularly in terms of money.

My wife just doesn't care.

Every day she insists on ordering food for iftar instead of cooking it at home.

I am still working, so I can't cook myself.

Now she has been wasting silly money online on buying new Eid clothes for herself and the kids.

It's not as though we can do much on Eid anyway.

I have tried to explain to her that this Eid we should be changing our priorities.

She says I am being unreasonable.

What do you think?

Massi says, As you said, we are living in uncertain times and we are all experiencing a lifestyle where we have had to adapt to a new normal. 

Whilst your wife is keen to adhere to traditions that see her celebrate Eid in a special way, this may not be feasible due to the coronavirus.

If your concerns are purely financial, then speak to your wife transparently so your wife is aware and can then budget accordingly.

It is the first time that Eid will be celebrated in such a muted way, so try to be empathetic to your wife's wishes too.