Dear Massi, My mother-in law made iftari (meal to open fast) and sent it to be dropped off to my house and also her daughter's house.

All we got was leftover gaajar, dahl and one day old fruit salad which was all soggy.

On the same day, my sister-in-law was sent chicken biriyani and freshly made samosas. I know this because I saw it on her Snapchat

I told my husband this is really unfair how his mum is differentiating between me and her own daughter.

He said there was nothing wrong with what his mum did, but he is so blind to anything his mum says or does.

I don't want this happening again, but I don't know what to do.

Massi says, It is understandable that you have seen your mother-in-law's gesture as a type of disparity, however, try and see this as her way of extending kindness rather than an act of hostility.

Focusing on what your mother-in-law sent to her daughter will only serve to cause you undue tension.

Instead of allowing something like this to cause any lingering stress, look at what you hope to gain from the month of Ramadan.