Dear Massi, I am pretty sure my husband is just pretending to fast.

He doesn't get tired at all and I keep finding a wet glass on the counter throughout the day.

When he was at work he would come home and not have that look of someone who was fasting all day, and would sometimes smell of cigarettes, but now he is home he knows I will keep an eye on him.

He is ruining the holy month for me and it has only just begun.

What can I do?

Massi says, Ramadan is indeed a sacred for month for Muslims.

If your husband is not adhering to the rules of fasting, try not to take this personally.

If he does not wish to fast and is appearing to to do it to appease you, then the benefits of the fast are compromised.

Instead of using up your energy over speculating whether your husband is fasting or not, it would be better for you to focus on your own fast and reflect on what you hope to gain out of it.

When pressure is not put upon him, your husband may well follow your example,