Dear Massi, My wife is going on a crazy clear out to keep herself busy during lockdown. 

It's good to keep busy, but she creates a tense atmosphere in the house when she goes through all the cupboards, which then becomes my headache. 

The latest things she got rid of are all the clothes my mum has gifted her with. 

That should have been enough to annoy me, but now she has thrown out all my shalwaar kameez's, including my favourite one, saying they make me look like a "dhobiwala." 

I don't know how to deal with my wife. Please help.

Massi says, People are finding different ways to keep themselves occupied during isolation. 

Talk to your wife and explain that you appreciate her efforts, however, you will arrange your own clothes yourself.

Explain that you have not discarded her clothes without her consent, and in the same way, this courtesy should be extended to you too.