Dear Massi, My wife is self isolating because of the coronavirus.

Because she is not going out now to shopping centres, she says she is getting really bored.

Now she spends her day shopping online.

She's buying clothes, accessories and nonsense stuff for the house

And when she's not buying, she's browsing so she can plan what to buy next.

It's not about the money, but how much pointless shopping can a woman do?

How do I stop this?

Massi says, We are all finding our own way to make the transition to the new way of life easier.

Current measures dictate that non essential shops remain closed for the time being.

If your wife finds comfort in browsing online, it is her prerogative. 

Online shopping can be a way for people to alleviate their stress levels.

As long as the shopping is within reason and not adversely affecting your family budget, then understand that this criticism may lead to causing undue tension.

If you are worried about this, why not suggest joint activities that you and your wife can do together away from online shopping.