Dear Massi, Since we are all at home now, I am getting my husband to help out with basic chores.

I asked him to put in a new rubbish bag in the bin.

I watched him pull out the roll of bags and then he took out his phone and Goggled 'how do you open a bin bag.'

The man is useless. 

When I asked to crack eggs for an omelette, he had to watch a YouTube video showing him how to crack the damn eggs.

He grew up in a house where men did no work and I guess I have spoiled him by doing all the work at home while he works, but now my patience is running out. It's like teaching a child.

Please help.

Massi, It is no doubt testing for you to have to teach your husband things that you deem to be straightforward tasks.

However, understand that he is not accustomed to doing these household jobs, which is why he may take longer to grasp how to do them. 

Also, your husband appears to helping you in an obliging way. Rather than being critical of him, you can see that he is trying to learn how to do these chores without asking you every time.

Try and exercise some patience and realise that it may take your husband a little bit longer, but he is trying to help you.