Dear Massi, I am trying to avoid unnecessary arguments at home but I have to take extreme measures

My wife is so greedy. She is always eating and then wants to eat what I have. She will have eaten a full meal, but she always wants to pick off my plate.

She just hears a package opening and she runs into the kitchen to see what I’m eating.

I wouldn’t mind, but she’s already really overweight.  How many meals in a day can a woman eat?

I have started eating in secret. I eat in my car or order food into my office. 
I have to hide my food packing in the bin outside so she doesn’t see it.

If I say anything to her about her weight, she gets really angry with me.  I can’t win and I can’t eat in peace at home.

What can I do?

Massi says: Whilst you are concerned about your wife’s weight, it really is up to your wife to decide if she wants to lose weight.

Your attitude towards your wife appears to be a demeaning one.

Why not take a more proactive and united approach and suggest that you both exercise together and also cook food and eat together.

This will then avoid the possibility of excess consumption of food.

Eating food secretly so that you avoid your wife being tempted by food is not the solution.

A united change in lifestyle may help to be a long-term solution.