Dear Massi, My husband is so tight with money. We have plenty as we live with his parents so we’re not paying a mortgage. 

He doesn’t like it when I spend money on things like getting my hair extensions. He says I waste money on beauty products.

I think it’s his duty as my husband to pay for it.

He says he wants to save money for our own place, but I think that doesn’t mean I should stop spending money on the things I like.

After loads of arguments, he started taking money out of his account.

I found some of it hidden in his socks in the drawer.

I’m so angry with him. I think he is treating me really badly.

What shall I do?

Massi Says, When you are sharing finances, it is important to remember compromises must be made by both parties.

Rather than arguing with your husband about money, it would be more proactive if you both discussed your finances.

In this way, you can determine what your budget is after making savings for your own future home.

This will enable you both to manage your expenses more reasonably.