Dear Massi, I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

My 16-year-old daughter loves wearing makeup and doing make-up on other people.
She wants to do this professionally. 

My wife is so proud of her because she can do bridal make-up.

My wife shows off all the time saying how talented our daughter is because she can do heavy make-up on other people and on herself.

I would like our daughter to have other talents or excel academically. But the two of them have decided this is ambitious enough.

I feel disappointed that this is all she will ever be known for. What are your thoughts?

Massi says, You may well have had your own expectations from your daughter, but it is important to understand that she is her own person with her own interests.

If she has found something she is good at and that she enjoys, it would be better if you were supportive.

By expressing regret as you have shown in your letter, you may risk distancing yourself from your daughter.