Dear Massi, I was talking to a guy through a matrimonial website for almost a year.

When we finally agreed to meet, I was really looking forward to meeting him. When he turned up to the coffee shop, I found he had brought two of his sisters with him. 

They did all the talking and started asking me questions like, can I cook? Am I happy to live with their parents? Will I look after their kids when they go to work

They said they wanted to be open about their expectations and went on to say I would be expected to stop working and stay home and that I should only wear shalwar kameez at home. He barely spoke during this meeting.

I feel like I would be marrying his sisters and not him. What shall I do?

Massi Says, When talking to someone online, it is easy for them to depict a certain part of their personality whilst concealing what they think you may not want to know.

Although harrowing for you, it is better for you that this man’s sisters were honest with you whilst he did not have the gumption to be transparent.

You have not made a commitment to this man, so now is the time to ask yourself if you want to lead a married life where you will be expected to adhere to other people’s rules whilst compromising your own.