Dear Massi,  I realise how selfish I sound writing this letter to you, but I don't know who else to talk to. 

I got engaged recently. The whole thing was so underwhelming.

He proposed to me in front of our families. I would have preferred something more special and unique.

And then the ring...honestly, I hate it so much. It's a disgusting yellow gold ring with a faded looking ruby in it that belonged to his mum. 

I get that it's sentimental and all that, but I cannot possibly wear that hideous ring.

How do I tell my fiance without sounding like a nasty spoilt brat?

Massi says,  This ring and the engagement was planned for you out of love and affection. 

It's understandable that it wasn't to your liking, but your marriage to a man you love should not be based on the type of ring you received or how glamorous your proposal was.

You need to think about what this potential marriage means for you. 

Perhaps when it comes to discussing the wedding ring, tell your fiance tactfully that you would like to pick that together so it reflects your taste.