Dear Massi, Ever since my son got married and his wife moved in, my life has been nothing but stressful. 

My wife and daughter-in-law are always arguing over the most trivial things, from cooking to decorating to what is the correct way to fold a towel.

My wife expects me to take her side, otherwise she directs her anger towards me. I can’t tolerate it anymore.
I have started pretending I have to work at the weekend just to stay out of the house.

Can you help?

Massi Says, Rather than avoiding the problem, it would be better to confront the issue. 

With the new addition to the family, it may be that your wife is having difficulty relinquishing control over something that she may have spent most of her adult life doing.  

Talk to your wife without being judgemental and explain that part of living together entails compromising from both parties otherwise you may risk alienating your son.

Tell her that one can take on board other people’s ideas and suggestions without seeing it as a personal criticism.