Dear Massi, My mother-in-law is such a control freak.  

She follows me around the kitchen when I’m cooking.

If I turn the heat up on the cooker, she’ll turn it down when she thinks I’m not looking. 

As soon as I leave the kitchen, she’s constantly adding spices to the handi (curry dish).

When I washed her mug, she washed it again two minutes later. 

After I wipe the counter, she runs her finger along it to check it’s really clean.  I’m literally going out of my mind right now.
What shall I do?

Massi says,  As challenging as this is for you, it may well be the case that your mother-in-law is feeling lost or needs a sense of focus. 

The kitchen may have been a domain she had been in charge of and she may be finding it difficult to let go of that sense of control.

Perhaps she feels left out which is why she is trying to make herself more involved. 
Try and include her and delegate tasks so there’s no overlapping whilst she is made to feel like she too is contributing.