Dear Massi, Ever since my son got married and had a baby, him and his wife are always overdrawn.

My son has a good salary, but his wife is making him spend money he just doesn’t have.

She always needs a new outfit for every family occasion and a matching one for the baby.

You will never see her or her baby repeating an outfit.

My daughter-in-law is always making my son take her away for expensive weekend breaks, leaving the baby with me.

The problem I have is that my son ends up borrowing money from me. He now owes me thousands of pounds.

If he could afford this lifestyle, I would not be in a position to complain.

Our pension is for me and my husband to grow old with, not to fund my daughter-in-law’s expensive shoe habit.

My son dare not ask his father for the money so he asks me secretly. I don’t even think his wife knows he is taking money from me. How can I stop this?

Massi says, It is important to have a candid conversation with your son about his finances.

Whilst forcing you to withhold this from your husband, this is adding pressure to the situation for you.

In keeping with this, tell your son that he should be honest with his wife about their finances and their expenses.

By showing her the household expenses and costs, she may then have a better understanding of their budget.

Tell your son that you cannot afford to give him money that has been set aside for you and your husband’s future.