Dear Massi,  My husband and I are separated but at the moment neither of us can afford to move out yet. 

He has moved into the spare room. We don’t really talk at all except for trying to be normal in front of the children. 

One night he was out really late and when he came back I heard a woman’s voice laughing downstairs.  He brought her into the guest room. She stayed for an hour and then he called her a taxi and she left.  

I am so angry. I know we’re separated, but it’s unbelievably disrespectful to bring another woman back here to the family home especially while the kids are here. 

There’s me juggling work with children and mosque and homework while he thinks he can live a bachelor life. I told him the next morning that he can’t do that again. 

He said he can do what he wants as he pays half the bills.  What can I do?

Massi Says, A separation is a difficult and challenging time for any couple. 

However, when you are still living in the same residence, the conditions become more taut and the problems become even more exacerbated. 

It is important to establish rules and a code of conduct to follow so as not to upset the children or each other. 

Speak to your solicitor who will be able to advise you on the best course of action given your circumstances and living arrangements.