Dear Massi, Please give me some advice. My wife has made no secret of the fact that she hates my friends.

They know it too.

She makes them feel uncomfortable when they come over by making rude, sarcastic remarks when she speaks to them. 

I get so embarrassed about it all time.

Now they only come over if they know she’s not home.

I’m so welcoming to her friends but she takes that for granted.

I’m constantly tense because of this issue. Can you help?

Massi says, It is only natural that you are feeling a level of stress. 

Your wife and your friends are important people in your life and any disharmony between them will adversely affect you.

Talk to your wife and explain how her actions and words make you feel. 

Explain also that you are polite to her friends as you know they are important to her and that it would only be fair if she extended that courtesy to your friends too.