Dear Massi, I recently got married and then became pregnant.

I came up with a beautiful name for our baby I asked my husband and he was happy with the name.

A day after she was born, my husband’s family started saying that it wasn’t an Islamic name, that it was a Greek name and you should choose another name.

The thing that upset me the most was that my husband started backing them up saying that he changed his mind which is stupid. 

But the reason actually was that that his mother and father said this.

If I knew he was going to be like this I wouldn’t have married him.
What should I do?

Massi says, It seems that your husband is being pressured by his parents and in a bid to avoid an argument with them, he has shifted the pressure onto you.

Having recently had a baby, this kind of conflict is only going to cause you unnecessary strain.

It is important that you and your husband have a united front when talking to his parents about the name choice.

Explain to your husband that the pregnancy was a physical and emotional journey for you and it is not fair for other people to dictate the name of your baby.

Tell him that you value their input, however, the ultimate decision must be yours and his.