Dear Massi, My mother-in-law is making my life so difficult.

To my face she is really sweet and says I am the daughter she never had, but then she says something completely different to her friends and family.

She tells them that she has lost her son to me and that I have manipulated my husband to put me first, ahead of his mum.

I have been told this a few times by other people and it really shocked me.

I can’t confront my mother-in-law or tell my husband as I can’t be sure if people are gossiping or just being mean. 

But doesn’t the fact that I have heard the same thing said to me more than once mean that there must be some truth in it?

Massi Says, It is understandable that you are feeling conflicted having heard two opposing things.

Rather than feel hurt by what other people are telling you, it would be better if you told your mother-in-law directly that people are saying such things to you.

An honest and transparent conversation may help to clear up any misconceptions.

If the source of your anxiety is other people’s comments, it would better to try and avoid any personal conversations with the people in question.